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The French nicknamed the Affenpinscher the “moustached devil”!


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The word “Affenpinscher” means “monkey-like terrier” in the Affenpinscher’s homeland of Germany where he was originally bred to keep kitchens, stables, granaries and other outbuildings rodent-free.

Today he makes a smart and spunky house pet full of character and curiosity. He is known to be comically funny, using his agile paws to grasp his toys while playing and dashing about in search of new adventures!

Small in stature, he does not need a great deal of exercise and fits well into the smallest accommodation. However, his busybody temperament will always benefit from outdoor exercise.

Photos displayed courtesy of Margaret Byron, Diablotin Kennel, British Columbia

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The Affenpinscher stands no taller than 11 1/2 inches at the shoulder and appears square in shape. He has a thick, wiry, harsh textured coat that may be solid black, grey, silver, or black and tan. His coat may also be varying shades of red. The Affenpinscher exhibits a neat though shaggy appearance overall as his fur is longer on his head, eyebrows and beard.

This is an alert dog who, true to his terrier-like disposition, shows no fear in the face of aggression. This makes him an ideal watchdog. The Affenpinscher is capable of great loyalty and loving affection to his master making him a wonderful and steadfast companion. He is best when raised with other pets.

He will benefit from early training and socialization as he can be high strung. He is obedient but can be stubborn and and obstinate and will respond best to a patient owner who uses consistent training methods.

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“Lewy “

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