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During the world wars, the military tried to train Collies as attack dogs.
More than 90% failed. They are just too friendly!

Collie (smooth)

A Collie has the brains of a man, and the ways of a woman. – Scottish Proverb

Smooth Collie puppies Canada

“Zorro” and littermate “Rosita”

The Collie is descended from Roman herding dogs that were brought to Britain during the Roman Empire.

Both varieties of Collie are native to Scotland where they worked herding black-faced sheep called ‘colleys’. These dogs became known as ‘colley dogs’.

Smooth Collies were used mostly to drive sheep to market. Today, they are often used as guide dogs to the blind.

Photos displayed courtesy of Karen Duncan, Whiskeyjack, Saskatchewan

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The Smooth Collie is less common than the showier Rough Collie, but he is identical in every way except for coat length.

The Smooth Collie stands up to 26 inches at the shoulder. He has a short, dense, straight outer coat and a furry undercoat for warmth. There are several varieties of coat colour. He may be white, sable and white, blue merle and white, sable merle and white, or tri-coloured. His coat requires minimal grooming.

A hard-working, loyal, kindly, obedient, and responsive nature makes the Smooth Collie an excellent family pet. He is very attached to people and needs the companionship of family life. He gets along beautifully with children and is usually fine with other pets. He is naturally protective and will make a good watchdog.

The Smooth Collie is intelligent and quick to learn. He is easily trained and becomes housebroken fairly quickly. Early obedience training is best. The Smooth Collie will respond to his owner’s tone of voice. Heavy-handed training techniques are not necessary. A hard worker, the Collie needs daily outdoor activity including free exercise. He does best in an environment where he has access to a large fenced yard.

Smooth Collie Adult Canada

Ch Whiskeyjack’s Blond Ambition

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