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“The Ugly Dachshund” is a 1966 movie in which a Great Dane thinks he’s a Dachshund after he’s adopted as a pup by a Dachsie.

Standard Wire-haired Dachshund

When rejected by his father he became industrious and motivated; when rejected by his mother he became proudly independent; when rejected by his siblings he became deeply compassionate; but when rejected by the family dachshund he became a complete nut case. – from a case history of Sigmund Freud

Standard Wire-haired Dachshund puppies Canada

Ben and his littermates

Dachs” is German for badger and since the 1500s, Dachshunds have been used primarily to hunt badger, but also fox, and deer. These “badger dogs” possess the tracking ability of hounds and the proportions and temperament of terriers.

The Wire-haired variety was developed by crossing the original Standard Smooth-haired Dachsie with a terrier. By 1890, the wire-haired was recognized as the third variety of the breed.

These fearless dogs have a keen sense of smell and work in packs when hunting.


Photos displayed courtesy of Deborah Wold, Matsutake Perm Reg’d, British Columbia

Standard Dachsies are 8 inches (20.32 cm) high at the shoulder and should weigh over 11 pounds (5 kg). They have three coat types. The Wire-haired has a short, straight, harsh, water-repellent double coat and can be any colour. His eyebrows are bushy and he sports a beard on his chin.

A bonus for sensitive owners, the Dachsie has little body odor.

Dachsies may be stubborn, dominant, and a challenge to train. However, they are also friendly, playful, alert, and spirited, and make a terrific companion. The fearless Dachsie does not always look before he leaps! He can sometimes overestimate his athletic abilities!

Standard Wire-haired Dachshund Adult Canada

AmCh/CdnGrCh Matsutakes Somewhere in Time

Standard Wire-haired Dachshund Canada

AmCh/CdnGrCh Matsutakes A Moment in Time,

Wire-haired Dachsies have terrier-like qualities and like to be the boss! They require early, consistent training from a patient, take-charge master. If spoiled, they may become snappy. Training may require extra time and patience. Early socialization is a good idea. Blessed with a loud bark, Standard Dachshunds make good watch dogs!

A fenced yard is a must as Dachsies will instinctively wander off after an interesting scent. Be sure the yard is truly escape-proof as these dogs can dig their way out of almost anything!

They also require regular exercise to fight a tendency to obesity. This is particularly important as this body shape does not support extra weight well.

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