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The Deutsch-Drahthaar is the most frequently used hunting dog in Germany.


We never really own a dog as much as he owns us. – Gene Hill

Deutsch-Drahthaar puppy Canada

Dana vom Slaney-Vale

A relatively recent creation, the Deutsch-Drahthaar was originally developed in Germany by a group of breeders seeking the ultimate in versatile hunting dogs.

They desired an animal who would be equally comfortable and efficient hunting in the forests, over the fields, and in the water. By the end of the 19th century, the Deutsch-Drahthaar was born, and is today the hunting dog of choice in his native Germany.

Photos displayed courtesy of Hugh Slaney, vom Slaney-Vale, Manitoba

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The Deutsch-Drahthaar stands up to 68 cm tall at the shoulder. He is a mid-sized, solid dog with a heavy, wiry coat and a thick undercoat which protects him in all hunting conditions including in water, excesses of temperature, and the thorns, brush, and insects found in the field. The coat displays a variety of colours including brown and white, black and white with some solid coloured patches, and solid brown which may or may not be marked with a white patch on the chest.

As befits a dog developed for its hunting ability, the Deutsch-Drahthaar must pass a performance and physical evalution prior to being bred. This has resulted in a dog that is known for his obedience, endurance in all physical conditions, and perseverance. He uses his highly developed sense of smell to first find game; then he points the location, and retrieves the fallen animal. He tracks and swims with untiring enthusiasm.

As one would expect of a dog with his natural abilities and intelligence, he requires appropriate training, socialization, and exercise. This is not a couch potato and is not suitable for a household without active members. His calm temperament is well suited to family life. He displays a mild and gentle manner with children and gets along well with other dogs. However, he can be protective of his family. Versatile at home as well as in the field, the Deutsch-Drahthaar can live in a variety of home environments.

Deutsch-Drahthaar Adult Canada

Alice vom Slaney-Vale

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