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The Kuvasz has most recently been seen as ‘Delilah’ in “Homeward Bound II”.


All knowledge, the totality of all questions and answers, is contained in the dog. – Franz Kafka

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The word ‘Kuvasz’ is believed to have come from the Turkish ‘Kawasz’ which means ‘guard of the noblemen’.

Although royal guard dog may have been his original purpose, this dog was soon discovered to be an effective hunter, cattle herder, and guardian of sheep.

This large, strong, working dog can stand up to 29 1/2 inches at the shoulder. He has a thick, solid white or ivory coat. The coat is medium-long, requires regular grooming, and is shed seasonally.

The Kuvasz is loyal, obedient, and easily trained. He generally becomes a devoted one-family dog. Large, strong and protective both of his family and other household pets, he is a natural guard dog. Suspicious of strangers, he will quickly sound the alert. He is a dog of great stamina, and is courageous and intelligent.

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Photos displayed courtesy of Daryl and Kelly Murray, Redmoon’s Reg’d, British Columbia

Strong as well as fast, he is well able to run down wolves, coyotes, and other large predators. His family tree dates back some 7,000 years to Tibetan Mastiffs. A native of Hungary, he was first brought to that country in the ninth century.

Early training and socialization is important as he will soon grow into a large, strong dog. His master should be similarly confident and able to assert his authority.

The Kuvasz is lively but not excitable and possessed of untiring working ability. This is the dog to take on long rambles through the woods or hiking. He is naturally suited to a rural environment but can adapt to suburban life if he has the space he needs.

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GCH Redmoon’s Won’t Let You Down

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