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Victorian merchants often had advertisements cut into the coat of a Poodle and hired someone to walk around with the dog, creating a living billboard.

Poodle (miniature)

Pomeranians speak only to Poodles and Poodles speak only to God. – Charles Kuralt

Adoreannies Mini puppies

The Miniature Poodle is the middle-sized dog of the three Poodles and is the most popular. The dogs’ intelligence and cheery disposition led to breeding down from the original Standard to Miniature and Toy sizes for companion dogs for the ladies of the French Court.

The breed’s name comes from the German word “puddeln” meaning “to splash in water”. Appropriate, as this dog has historically been a water retriever and a circus performer.

The Mini stands no more than 15 inches high at the shoulder. His coat is dense and harsh and comes in a variety of solid colours including: white, silver, blue, grey, brown, apricot, red, cream, and black. It needs regular brushing and professional grooming to keep it in shape and tangle-free. A godsend for people with allergies, this breed does not shed and has no body odor.

Photos displayed courtesy of Annie Adams-Fox, Adoreannies, Ontario

The Mini’s unusual clip seen in the show ring today is a highly stylized version of a functional coat trim. Originally, the coat was trimmed down to reduce the weight of the dog when he was swimming and retrieving waterfowl. Patches of heavier coat were left to protect the joints and vital organs from the cold water.

Miniature Poodles are clever, good-natured, lively, and a quick study. Amusing and eager to please, they will try just about anything to please their masters. Their small size make them good companions for those with limited space available for a pet. However, they are energetic little dogs and require some form of daily exercise.

Minis are not suitable for very young children but make good pets for children over 10 years old. They are good watchdogs who will alert you to strangers.

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