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Dogs’ ears are very sensitive, full of sensory nerves that help to preserve hearing. Blowing into a dog’s ear, no matter how softly, can hurt a dog. It’s not the air itself, but the frequency at which you blow. It’s like running your fingers on a blackboard, but hundreds of times louder.

Tibetan Spaniel

Pups are among the world’s greatest con artists. Better, then, to find out all you can about him before meeting him in person. – Jean Lauder

Tibetan Spaniel puppies Canada

“Tibu” and “Dzum”

The Tibetan Spaniel is not a spaniel at all. He takes his name from the fact that the word ‘spaniel’ was used to describe small dogs kept by ladies of the European and Oriental courts.

The Tibbie was bred in Tibetan monasteries and used to turn the prayer wheels for the monks. He also functioned as a watchdog and an animated hot water bottle! A breed of ancient pedigree, the Tibetan Spaniel was given as tribute to China and travelled the silk route to Europe where he quickly found favour as a companion.

The Tibetan Spaniel stands up to 10 inches at the shoulder, weighs up to 15 pounds, and has a medium-long, silky, double coat. His coat may any colour or mix of colours. A dog of naturally clean habits, he is easily kept as grooming is minimal.

Photos displayed courtesy of Jean-Louis Boucher, TANRAG Reg’d, Ontario

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Although they may be aloof with strangers, the Tibetan Spaniel is affectionate and devoted almost to the point of worship to his family. Not a breed to be left on its own, the Tibbie thrives on human companionship. This is a dog who will delight in cuddling up with you and being a loving bed warmer. Children must be old enough to respect the Tibbie’s small size.

Not typically ‘yappers’, Tibbies are very intelligent and alert, and will notify you immediately of strangers or unusual events. Once found lying on the high walls of the monasteries, today Tibbies can often be found enjoying the view from modern high spots like the window sill. Their keen sight, hearing, and sense of smell make them wonderful watchdogs.

Training should never be harsh as they are very sensitive little dogs, who understand and respond to your moods and feelings.

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