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Toy Manchester Terrier

Nobody can fully understand the meaning of love unless he’s owned a dog. – Gene Hill

Toy Manchester Terrier puppy Canada


The Toy Manchester Terrier shares the same heritage as his larger cousin, the Manchester Terrier. Both are descendants of one of the oldest of the terriers, the British Black and Tan Terrier.

This sleek little dog was originally bred to control rats and proved to be a master in his field.

The most famous and accomplished Toy Manchester was “Tiny” who in 1848 killed 300 rats in less than an hour.

The Toy Manchester Terrier can stand up to 12 inches at the shoulder and weighs up to 12 lbs. He is sleek and smooth coated with naturally erect ears. His coat is glossy black with tan mahogany markings. His small size and lack of heavy protective fur make him sensitive to extremes of heat and cold. An easy-care dog whose grooming needs are minimal, the Toy Manchester Terrier today is a beloved companion and good watchdog.

Photos displayed courtesy of Susan Allen, Lilysbullies, Ontario

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As a true terrier, the Toy Manchester Terrier is lively, inquisitive, alert and curious. Despite his small size, the Toy Manchester Terrier has lots of energy and needs regular exercise. He can live in an apartment if he has daily walks.

Devoted and faithful to his owner, the Toy Manchester Terrier tends to be a one-person dog. He loves to be with his people and does not like living in a kennel. He enjoys the comforts of home!

As an intelligent dog and a fast learner, he will benefit from early obedience training. He should also be socialized as a puppy to other animals or he may become overly aggressive with other pets. Like many smaller dogs, he may be intolerant of very young children.

Toy Manchester Terrier Adult Canada

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