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Three smooth haired Dachshunds were the inspiration for a brewing company located in Wisconsin. The company produces III Dachshunds beer and cider.
The dogs’ names were Lillie, Otto, and Sophie.

Standard Smooth Dachshund

If you’ve never owned dachshunds, no explanation is possible. If you’ve owned dachshunds, no explanation is necessary. – Benny Archuleta

Standard Smooth Dachshund puppy Canada

Dufailloux Dachshund puppy

Dachs” is German for badger and since the 1500s, Dachshunds have been used to hunt badger, fox, and deer.

The Standard Smooth-haired is believed to be the original breed from which the Long-haired and Wire-haired were developed. Classified as a scenthound, the Dachshund has a keen sense of smell and works in packs when hunting.

Photos displayed courtesy of Françoise Favier, Dufailloux Perm Reg’d, Quebec

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The Standard Dachshund weighs more than 11 pounds (4.989 kg) and has three coat types. The short, smooth-coated dog can be chocolate, grey or white with rust markings, dappled or brindle but the most common colours are red or black and tan. This dog has little body odor.

The Dachsie may be stubborn, dominant, and a challenge to train. However, he is also friendly, playful, alert, and spirited, and makes a terrific companion. The fearless Dachshund does not always look before he leaps! He can sometimes overestimate his athletic abilities!

Standard Smooth Dachshund Adult Canada

Dufailloux Standard Smooth Dachshund

Standard Smooth Dachshunds Canada

Dufailloux Standard Smooth Dachshund

The Dachshund requires early, consistent training from a patient, take-charge master. If spoiled, he may become snappy. Training may require extra time and patience. Early socialization is a good idea. Blessed with a loud bark, the Standard Dachshund makes a good watchdog!

A fenced yard is a must as the Dachshund will instinctively wander off after an interesting scent. Be sure the yard is truly escape-proof as the Dachshund can dig his way out of almost anything!

Dachshunds require regular exercise to fight a tendency to obesity. This is particularly important as the Dachshund’s body shape does not support extra weight well.

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