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Emily Carr’s work, “April: Missus Goes Sketching” depicts the artist with her materials being followed by a Standard Poodle.

Poodle (standard)

You have seen that look.
The way a young painter looks at a Rembrandt or Titian.
The way Liz Taylor looks at Richard Burton.
The way Zsa Zsa looks at mink.
That’s how a poodle looks at its master. – Jacqueline Susann

Standard Poodle puppy Canada

Magisterial’s Bruno Mars

The Standard Poodle is the oldest and original Poodle from which the Miniature and Toy Poodles were developed.

Germany, Russia, and France have all claimed to be the Poodle’s country of origin.

The Poodle’s name comes from the German word “puddeln” meaning “to splash in water”.

The Poodle is a water dog and was originally bred as a retriever of waterfowl for hunters. Although he is an excellent swimmer and gundog, the Poodle has also been a circus performer and the pampered pet of royal households in France.

Photos displayed courtesy of Adam Moore, Magisterial Kennels, Ontario

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The Standard Poodle is the tallest of the three poodles at up to 26 inches high at the shoulder. His coat is dense and harsh and comes in a variety of solid colours including: white, silver, blue, grey, brown, apricot, cafe-au-lait, cream, and black. A Poodle’s coat needs regular brushing and clipping to keep it in shape and tangle-free. A godsend for people with allergies, this breed does not shed.

Active, intelligent, and loyal, the Standard Poodle has an affectionate and eager to please personality. He will happily compete in obedience trials, work in the field retrieving, hunt, work as a therapy dog, and even perform tricks in an effort to please his people. He is a happy, good-natured dog whose clean living habits make him a pleasure to own.

Standard Poodles are good with children and other household pets, and are keen watch dogs. They learn quickly and are easy to train. Standard Poodles are energetic dogs who enjoy all forms of exercise. Running, swimming, retrieving, walking, or jogging alongside his owner are all activities enthusiastically enjoyed by Standard Poodles.

Standard Poodle Adult Canada

Magisterial’s Sir Remington

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